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   To keep this role-playing world in order without other people purposely trying to ruin it for everyone else, there's got to be rules. Yes, I know what your thinking, I'm trying to kill you with these rules, but they do make our lives pleasant, trust me.

   The rules listed below follow for this role-playing world and those who break them will wish they didn't. Yes, I actually mean this, so don't try to pull one over on me.

(1) The rules for this community also follow for this role-playing world.
(2) Follow everything that is written in this getting started guide.
(3) Your direct and indirect characters cannot be a god, weapon, object, or element. Also, they can't be invincible without some kind of weakness.
(4) Once you pick the character's race and already have him or her role-playing in a story, you can't change their race, unless their some kind of shape-shifter. Make sure you have the race you want before role-playing in a story.
(5) You can't play as someone's direct or indirect character(s) for that character belongs to them, unless it is through your character(s).
(6) You can't kill off someone's direct or indirect character(s) without their permission.
(7) The events that happen in your stories do not affect the entire role-playing world, just only in your stories.