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- (3) Getting Started -

   The End World was planned to be a role-playing world where you have something to work with and be able to create something from there. You don't have to use everything that is there, for example, a land's name, size, population, climate, description, and even the races that populate them, can all be changed to fit your story. You could make the lands sink under the seas or blow up Stafnar and allow Waste Lands to rule the entire role-playing world. Whatever fits your story, it's the way it was originally planned. The only thing can't be changed is its time line. Why? It's because the End World only existed from the mid Medieval ages to the very end of it. What happened to the End World? No one knows, it just didn't exist in today's world because we would of discovered it by now, if it was real that is. The rumors of its disappearance is a mystery, but you make the stories, so it can be whatever you decide...

   Before jumping into role-playing in this role-playing world, you need will to create a story or you can just join in a story that was already created by someone, but don't forget, you need to create your types of characters also, which are most important to the story. This part of the guide will show you these steps...

- Starting a story...

   Setting up your own story is very easy. The stories are posted in the "Lands of The End World" forum, but before doing so, you need to think of your story line. You need to think of what kind of story you want, of course it should be based on the End World, where it takes place and what events that are going on and might happen. Of course, a lot of brainstorming will happen in between, but once you got the main ideal, your almost ready to start your story. 

   Before you actually post up your story, you need to think of a topic name for it. Examples: The Big Adventure, War of The Elements, etc. The topic's description can be left blank, but it can be used as an attention getter if you choose, examples, Will the End World Survive The Cold War?, Is This The End of Stafnar?, etc.

   After that, you need to make your first topic. The first topic should list the story's Status, Rating, and Introduction.

   The status should be either "Opened" or "Closed". "Opened" means that anyone can join in your story at any time while "Closed" means that someone must ask the creator of the story for permission to join in the story.

  The story's rating should be either "E" ("Everyone" Meaning there is very little violence and adult content.), "T" ("Teen" Meaning there is some violence and adult content.) and "M" ("Mature" Meaning there is lots of violence and adult content.) This is used to warn underage members of a story's content. 

   Last will be your Introduction. Your introduction describes what your story is about and what is going on.

-- Example:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
-Status: Closed
-Rating: T
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
A time where vampires are no longer myths, their real. They first appear in Krin and attack the small villages, but the rest of the lands don't know their existence just yet. A group of travelers will discover the truth, struggling with their own problems, come together and rage war against the army of the undead and hopefully save Krin or die trying...
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

   It should be posted similar to that, but you can copy it and edit to your own story. If you want a better example, look for a stories already posted. They should give you a good ideal...

- Joining in a story...

   Joining in a story for the first time is not so hard. All you do is think of what character you would like to play as in the story and where they start at. Remember, good characters make the story more interesting, while boring ones will destroy it. You can make the character work their way in by helping in a situation or just by bumping into characters that are already there, as long as you make them fit into the story. Remember though, if the story's status is "Closed" you need to ask permission from the creator first before joining in.

- Creating characters...

   You can make and play as many characters as you want, but remember, for the story to get good, there has to be interesting characters that make the story more interesting, so for that to happen, the characters need to all have different personalities.

   There are two types of characters. One is a direct character, which is the character that you play as in first person view. This is the character that you will need to make before starting or joining in a story. The second type of character is indirect, which is the character that is described through a direct character.

   Direct characters need a bio to tell everyone what the character looks like and what he or she is like, while indirect characters don't need a bio because you find out more about them through a direct character.

   Below is a bio sheet that you can fill out when making your direct character. You can make more direct and indirect characters down the line in a story if you wish, just don't forget to fill out a bio sheet for your direct characters.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
-Name: (Your direct character's name.)
-Race: (Your direct character's race. See "-Races of The End World-" on the side bar for more info.)
-Gender: (There's only two genders, either pick one or the other, but not both.)
-Age: (Your direct character's age.)
-Height & Weight: (Your direct character's height & weight.)
-Occupation: (What your direct characters is or does.)

(What your direct character looks like.)


(What your direct character's personality is like.)


(What equipment & skills your direct character has or knows..)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =


   NOTE: The parentheses and the stuff written inside of them can be erased, their just there to give you examples, but keeping the lines above and below the bio sheet.

   Your direct character's name can have a first, middle, and last or just a nick name, whatever you like. Your direct character can have an unknown occupation and past if you wish and have the character describe bits and pieces of it through out the story. You can play as a good or evil character, it's up to you. You can be anything you want, you can even be a ruler of a land. Remember, you can always edit your character's bio a little down the line. Use your imagination when creating your characters.

   After you are done creating your character, post up your character's bio as it's own topic. Why? This avoids confusion between the character's bio and story and that way it lets the readers know that a new character is being introduced. Remember, before role-playing, you must have your direct character's bio posted up first. 

-- Example:


= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
-Name: Talon
-Race: Wolf Folk
-Gender: Male
-Age: 32
-Height & Weight: 6'5 & 160 lbs
-Occupation: Traveler



Grey fur, green eyes, and wears blue ripped up jeans. He also has a necklace made of brown leather around his neck.


He's sort of a loner, which is unusual since Wolf Folk travel in packs. He travels around but never stays in one spot or even settles. He is probably the nicest Wolf Folk you ever come across. He will do anything for anyone, even for the kind who killed his family...


Doesn't really carry around weapons of any kind, unless you count his long claws.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =


   If wanting more examples, here's a few previous posted stories:


- Black Hull -

- Elemental Stones -

- Fall of Darkness -

- Two Worlds Collide -


   Remember, you can also always read the stories already posted for better examples...

   Now, about your indirect characters. They are very easy to create. Just give them a name and work them into the story by having a direct character meet them. Remember, an indirect character doesn't need a bio filled out for them and they are only described though a direct character. You can't actually play as them, unless you decide to make them a direct character down the line...