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- About this guide...

   What's the purpose of this fancy smancy getting started guide? Well, this guide shows you what you need to know about this role-playing world and how to role-play in this role-playing world so that you and everyone else who role-plays in it will understand each other's stories without any confusion. Yes, your probably thinking that I'm trying to kill you by making you read this whole guide, but by doing this, we can easily understand what characters everyone is playing as, what land their in, and other stuff that we may come across because we're all following this guide. It's not hard to follow or even time consuming, all you do is read though the rest of this guide and you should be on your way in ten minutes or less.

   This guide is broken down into four different parts so you can get through this pain in the butt guide and start role-playing in this role-playing world in no time.

(1) About:

   The explanation of the purpose of this guide, the introduction of the world that this role-playing world takes place in, and of course, some history of what inspired the creation of the End World.

(2) The Rules:

   The rules that follow for this role-playing world, which keeps it in order without any problems.

(3) Getting Started:

   Shows you how to start your own story or joining in a story for the first time and how to setup your character(s) in this role-playing world.

(4) Role-Playing:

   The last part of this guide, which shows you how to role-play in this role-playing world and different ways you can role-play. If your new at this, this would be a good page to read, but for advanced users, they can just glance over it.

That's it and that simple. Once you read through this guide, you probably won't need to see it ever again, unless you forget about something and want to look it up, have a question about something, or just like to play with the guide's animated buttons. Um, lets forget about that last part...

- Overview of the world...

   Researchers and scholars found that in one point in time, the End World was connected to a larger land mass, but some how separated and drifted away. Over periods of time, the land that has been broken off from a larger land mass has broken off into six main lands, not including others that haven't been discovered, and became the only known lands of the End World today. No one knows of what lies beyond the lands, except for endless sea. Nothing can seem to travel beyond the lands to discover what lies beyond for the sea swallows anything that tries to leave, which isolates it from the rest of the world. Supposedly, the lands reach the ends of the Earth, which is why it's called the End World, for it's a world of its own, isolated from any other existing lands and lies at the ends of the Earth. For being a world of its own, it's advanced for its time. Yet the time takes place in the mid medieval ages, its advanced civilizations make it an unique world. The world contains races that were only myths that today's world wouldn't even believe.

   The lands, that once were one, are different in everyway, for they all have their own climates, races, and cultures. Towns and large cities cover the lands and under the seas. Yet the world has similar food, clothes, and languages in today's world, but modern weapons, vehicles, and technology didn't exist for they didn't exist until a later time, which would be today's world. The buildings are made from stone to even glass or metal. Its weapons usually range from swords that shoot out beams when swung to pocket sized pole cannons. Magic also is used as another weapon, which can be quite powerful and dangerous. There is also machinery, which is used to build robots, and types of transportation, like hover boards and tank-like hover crafts. The lands are ruled by it's own government, but its wars are part of its survival, which brings up the question about the land's destruction and loss of its advanced civilization...

   (NOTE: For those of you who don't know, the End World is supporting the Continental Drift theory, meaning at one point in time, all the lands of the world were one super continent called Pangaea, which was supposedly 200 million years ago and then 135 million years ago it separated into more lands called Laurasia and Gondwanaland. Over periods of time after this, the lands separated into even more lands that we know today, but somewhere in the process the End World was created, but it was invisible to the rest of the world since it has drifted far from the rest of the lands. Of course the End World wasn't really real, but to make this role-playing world possible, it's got to have a theory behind it.)

   If you would like to learn more about this role-playing world, look at the map below.

- The End World Map -

- What inspired the role-playing world...

   The End World ideal was thought up in the summer of when Lair of Blades was first created. Because of the lacking members in the very beginning, we had to do something quick, so while playing addicting games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Zork, Ultima, and many other RPGs out there, we thought of a role-playing world that we could make that might draw some more members and keep us alive. The role-playing world was planed to be where people can make characters and make up adventures where their characters and other people's characters can join in. The adventures would be of exploring the world and discovering new places and meeting new faces. This would be a great ideal since everyone can join in and have fun, which would probably definitely gain us some more members, so we created the lands, maps, and other stuff needed to make the role-playing world. Although, it was originally planned to have character stats like an actual RPG, but instead it was made into a role-playing story thing because of the complications, but was an ideal to use as something else down the line. (Hint: the arena.) Of course it did gain us a lot of members, but it was all short-lived when after Lair of Blades went down because of the server our site was hosted on went down and out of business. Now, the End World is back, thank god, and we can continue our adventures once again...

   Now, what is the story behind the End World? It has been asked many times. This world couldn't of been created over night, something inspired it. Yes, there are several stories behind the End World. The stories are the ones that created the lands, but they are considered "Myths" in this world now. This world is actually a continuation of the stories where we can create our stories and adventures in this unique world. Maybe some day those stories will be exposed...